Are You Moving Forward Or Backwards

Life and God has its ways of telling us what is really going on in our world. Everyone has a job, schedules, friends, families and things they like to do by themselves. Todays’ question is are you really moving forward in your life or moving backwards. Are you creating change for yourself, so you can evolve or are you stuck in your ways?

Your family and friends ask you for a request,and you tell them you not changing for anyone or are you a person that is open to life, you have moved from where you used to live. So you can have a new life, gain new experiences, new friends, a new job. You want to see and feel and know something different.

Which one are you? Its easy to move backwards when not creating the change you need in your life. Don’t get me wrong changing is really hard to do and you will go backwards sometimes, but you gotta get back up and keep moving forward.

“CHANGE TAKES TIME” never rush into changes for anyone or anything, because all you will do is go backwards and you will not understand why, but the answer is, because your trying to rush and change for someone else and not for yourself. Always change if you want to change. In that way you will be happy.

Also try not to be stubborn in your ways because you are comfortable how your life is and you don’t want to rock the boat. Hey you, sometimes you have to rock the boat, that’s how you create changes and see what your life can really be.

Always Trust God ,Pray, Change, Live, Grow, Find happiness, Follow your dreams your way……

At the end of the day God will always be you. If you can’t change by yourself. God will help you along the way. Let’s all make our lives better and more enjoyable.


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