2016 The Year Of Love

I was sitting in church on new years eve, and the pastor says that 2015 was the year of completion and 2016 will be the year of love. That is very exciting for a lot of people that have gone through a lot in 2015. I want to let you know its over and everything you have gone through in 2015 is done and has been completed. Now in 2016 everything you have dreamed about will be happen this year.

All you have to do to receive the love, is open your heart and keep it open. You do not know when love will enter into your heart, so be ready and stay open! I was looking online to see If I could find any articles about the year of love and I came upon an ad on craigslist! I was amazed when I read it. Here what it says…


Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 12.46.13 AM

This man is looking for a soulmate with the introduction of : Is 2016 the year of love? I believe it is! This man seems genuine and is pursuing a women he can spend the rest of life with. Which we are all in search for. Would you answer this ad? Love can come any time, any form, in the weirdest situation and with a person that may not add up to the list you created. Would you still be open to it and accept what God plan is for you?

I’m pretty excited about this year, the year of love. One of my friends just got engaged, and my cuzion is getting married. This year just started, so I’m excited to see who else will find love and how will they find love this year.


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